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Nursing is an art and a science. The art of helping others harmonized with the science of the human body. It takes a person who doesn't scare easily but who isn't afraid to be scared. Photo Wallpaper Mural 20174_P Multicolour Powder Explosion Abstract Colours ColNurses are tough but also kind. Being an RN is, for many, the best decision ever made. Search Nursing Programs ->

For RNs with an Associate's degree or diploma, the RN to BSN bridge program is a great alternative to traditional programs. This program is usually 100% online and the student is able, if not required, to work full-time as an RN throughout the entire program! Plus, clinical hours are not required!

Nursing is a great fit for any hardworking, ambitious, and compassionate person! Very few careers have programs as short as 15 months, starting salaries around $60,000, and teach how to help heal and support people in their worst moments. Many nursing programs are available!Photo Wallpaper Mural 20259_P Yellow Car Yellow Car Sport Speed Nature License

Find out how to get started on your path to becoming an RN. Find the right nursing school, pass the NCLEX-RN, get licensed by your state, and find a job! We can help you get where you need to go.

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Many people are drawn to being a nurse but far less actually achieve it. Whether it's giving up on finding the right school, not finding ways to pay for it, or quitting during the program, sadly many great individuals do not end up graduating. We're here to help. We offer information on schools and programs, ways to pay, tips to help you get accepted and get through nursing school, resources to help you pass the licensure exam, and how to build an amazing resume and land a great nursing job after graduation. Photo Wallpaper Mural Non-woven 0327091D13 DogWe want to help you achieve your dream of becoming a fantastic registered nurse! A career in nursing can open the doors to all sorts of possibilities in the healthcare industry. We have listed a few of the more popular career paths below. See a complete list of nursing careers and specialties and learn more about common nursing terms to help you get started.

To help you get started we have a wealth of information available right at your fingertips. An up-to-date list of nursing schools, nursing programs, Photo Wallpaper Mural Non-woven 10093_VE Elephant nature africa fauna animal aniNCLEX-RN study questions and information, and articles related to everything Registered Nursing is available right here. You'll find anything and everything you need to get started on being an RN!

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RN stands for Registered Nurse.

A Registered Nurse is licensed by the State for provide medical care to patients in various settings. He or she is extensively trained in critical thinking, anatomy and physiology, biology, chemistry, pharmacology, and courses specific to nursing, which provides the framework needed to accurately assess and intervene for sick patients.

Photo Wallpaper Mural Non-woven 10119_VEN golden Mandala in Red Mandala India hiRNs are licensed by each state after successfully completing a RN training program and passing the National Council Licensure Examination, or NCLEX-RN.

The minimum degree required is an Associate's Degree in Nursing, usually a 2-year program. Prerequisites for acceptance may be required.

Duties vary for RNs depending on where they work.

In general, RNs are responsible for complex head-to-toe assessments,Photo Wallpaper Mural Non-woven 10152_VEA City Panorama from the River View City developing a plan of care, carrying out physician orders, starting and maintaining invasive lines and devices, and safe medication administration. Learn more about what an RN does and nursing roles.

RNs can work in many, many different settings.

In just about every area of a hospital, clinics, physician's offices, working from home for an insurance company, for themselves as a legal nurse consultant, as an emergency responder, as a traveling nurse, as an internationally traveling nurse, as an instructor, and many more.

The job opportunities for RNs are practically endless and they just keep growing!

Read more about where RNs work, how much an RN makes, Photo Wallpaper Mural 10443_P Colourful Cupcakes food sweets candies biscuits c, and Photo Wallpaper Mural 10516_P Castle Ruins monument monuments castle perspectiv.

The minimum degree to become an RN is an Associate's Degree in Nursing, usually a 2-year degree. Prerequisites vary by school and are sometimes required before acceptance into the nursing program.

Once the RN has an Associate's and is licensed, he or she can attend an RN to BSN program either online or in-person. The Bachelor's of Science in Nursing, or BSN, is not required by every place of employment but some do require it. Usually the RN is hired with an Associate's degree and the hospital has a set time frame for BSN completion. Often they will help the RN pay for school.

Learn more about how to become an RN, the Photo Wallpaper Mural 10633_P Turquoise Triangles abstract geometry triangles a, and entry level nursing pathways.

Finding the right RN program can be challenging. The best ways to find a good fit are to research local schools, tour them, and compare requirements, cost, and length of program.Photo Wallpaper Mural Non-woven 10214_VEN Lizard Lizard animals green abstractio

Consider NCLEX-RN "pass rates" when thinking about the quality of a nursing program. A "pass rate" is the percentage of students who underwent the NCLEX-RN Exam and successfully passed. This is a public record available on the State's nursing board website. This can be invaluable in determining how well a school is able to educate its students and help them learn how to pass the NCLEX-RN.

Read Photo Wallpaper Mural 10726_P Nature Design on Triangles abstract geometry geom and how much do RN programs cost.

You may also be interested in specific pathways including:

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In case you haven't heard, nurses are in demand! To help fill the need, nursing programs have evolved from only traditional 2 and 4-year programs into shorter, accelerated, bridge, direct-entry, and online programs. The right program for any person is available. Let us help you find it!

As part of our commitment to help nurses find their calling, we have asked a series of nursing experts about their careers, their specialties, and their advice to prospective nurses.Photo Wallpaper Mural Non-woven 10371_VEN Red Mosaic pattern mosaic tiles puzzle Check out our most recent interviews below.

Michael D. Francis, DNP, MSEd, RN, NEA-BC

Institute for Nursing Excellence at the University of California, San Francisco - Manager of Clinical Education and Training

Michael John Rice, PhD, APRN, FAAN

University of Colorado–Denver - Endowed Chair and Professor

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International Association of Forensic Nurses - Chief Executive Officer

JoAnn Klaassen RN, MN, JD

Kansas Board of Nursing - President