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We’re driven by our community.
Luna's story
I was 20 and studying at university when I had a stroke. The doctors thought I was drunk because of my age. I wasn't diagnosed for 16 hours.
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My stroke left me with locked-in syndrome. It felt like I was a prisoner in my own body, inside I was screaming but no one could hear me.
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Max's story
I had a stroke at my seventh birthday party. I got a pain on the right side of my head but I couldn’t cry because I lost my voice.
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Nick's story
I used to be Chief Executive of the Institute of Financial Planning but in 2013 I had a major stroke which left me with aphasia, a communication difficulty. The Stroke Association helped me with my rehabilitation and ever since I have been fundraising for them.
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Photo Wallpaper Mural Non-woven 10147_VEN Wolf Nature Wild Wildlife Animal Anima Amber's story
I had a massive stroke after my first year at university. The doctors told me I’d be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, but I’m stubborn. I learnt to walk and talk again and I now volunteer for the Stroke Association.
Volunteer for the Stroke Association
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Dave's story
I was on a caravanning holiday with my wife when I had a stroke. Before, I was very practical and didn’t really show any emotion. Now I’m more likely to get upset or break down.
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Papel Pintado Mural De Vellón Cisnes Lago Cabaña Paisaje Fondo De ES 34 Pansize nnpxrq1790-Wallpaper MuralsHome

We help peoplewhen they need it most.

Meet Ian, a stroke survivor and stroke group chairperson.

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stroke survivors in the UK.

Meet Lydia, a Stroke Coordinator for Southampton.

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strokes a year. That's one every five minutes.

Meet Lucy, one of our Helpline Information Officers.

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could allow a stroke survivor to attend an art therapy group.

Your help makes all of this possible
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With more donations and support from you, we can reach more people who need us.
Take part in an event to raise money and raise awareness of stroke.
The support of our volunteers allows us to reach more people affected by stroke.
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